Public hearing at the FISC Subcommittee

Event details


Tuesday May 10th


1:45 pm - 3:45 pm



On 10th May 2022, our researcher Theresa Neef joined the public hearing at the FISC subcommittee on “the use of special tax regimes in the EU by high net worth individuals: the case of Russian oligarchs”.

Russia exhibits the highest wealth inequality in Europe. The top 10% wealthiest Russian residents own about 74% of total household wealth. Much of this wealth is held abroad.

In the context of the sanctions issued in reaction to the war in Ukraine, there has been an increased public attention on how Russian oligarchs hide their wealth outside of their home country. This hearing shed some light on the contribution of special tax regimes in the EU in this regard and how high-net-worth Russian individuals use these regimes.

The following experts had been invited:

  • Prof. Susana Peralta, Associate Professor at Nova University, Portugal
  • Ms. Theresa Neef, Research fellow at the EU Tax Observatory, and Eastern Europe and Russia Coordinator of the World Inequality Database, author of “Effective sanctions against oligarchs and the role of a European Asset Registry”
  • Prof. Richard Murphy, Director, Tax Research LL and Professor of Accounting at Sheffield University Management School.