Interview with Eloi Flamant

Eloi Flamant, research assistant at the EuTax was the special guest of Distances Inconnues, where he shared his insights on the Pandora Papers investigation, and more generally on tax evasion.

Here are the different topics addressed in the interview:

  • What is a tax haven? (0’24)
  • Are tax havens really “illegal”? Are there tax havens that can be more or less legal? (1’01)
  • What are the transparency rules that are in force today? (2’03)
  • How do the French tax authorities proceed? (2’58)
  • What is an offshore company? (3’48)
  • How do tax havens impact our economies? (5’48)
  • What is the role of international institutions? (7’10)
  • The responsibility of law firms and tax consulting firms (9’02)
  • How is the Pandora Papers report different from the previous investigations? (11’53)
  • What is the difference between tax evasion and tax optimization? (13’33)
  • Can the individuals mentioned in the Pandora Papers be prosecuted? (17’46)
  • Is the disclosure of tax information an invasion of privacy? (19’40)

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